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hey y'all!

welcome to cuellar aesthete!  this is my own playground to create, support my community and have fun while doing all the things!

its taken me so many years to get to this starting point of living life fully and showing up as my authentic self.  

my hope is that i encourage each of you to do the same in whatever fashion that looks like for your uniquely wonderful selves. 

My Story

i am the oldest for four.  i am first generation Korean on my mom's side and first/second generation Mexican on my dad's side.  the us army was responsible for bringing them together.  we settled in washington when i was ten years old, living between lacey, tacoma and joint base lewis mcchord.  so, i consider myself a local to the pnw.


i found myself working in healthcare for a little over twenty years and decided soon after my 40th birthday that i should enroll in massage school part-time because i was in desperate need of a change.  i graduated from the premier discoverypoint school of massage in february 2018 and became licensed that may.  fast forward to 2021 in a nearly two year pandemic i needed more change and found part-time employment at a local spa and part-time contract work as a training coordinator for a local tech company.  i took the leap which scared me to death since i left behind the only security i had known.  a few months in, i decided that i needed to finally start my own private practice in my hometown and heck, why not start that "t-shirt company" i had been talking about for the last 4-5 years.  these creations are mine and are a union of my writing and being plain 'ol goofy.  that's me in a nutshell.   

i look forward to growing with y'all.  


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